Poème: Le paradis perdu

English Translation

Paradise Lost

Once upon a time, in a blessed forest, there lived an exotic bird with dazzling feathers, who led a wonderful life.

He built his tower of love patiently, every twig had its place, every leaf its importance.

Once upon a time, in a sparkling forest, there was a tree with a thousand leaves, welcoming a flotilla of fireflies.

They had the power to lighten up the soil and the sky, their magic spreading everywhere!

Once upon a time, in a majestic forest, there lived an innocent Joey, frolicking in his cozy sleeping bag.

With a naive look and stars in his eyes, he saw life through rose coloured glasses.

Once upon a time, in a sleepy forest, a cuddly Koala, cradled carelessly.

With his hug tightly wrapped around the branches, he seemed to be clinging to life itself.

Ah! What a beautiful sight to behold!

Alas! What a pity! Everything is suddenly annihilated!

What an ordeal! Their home engulfed in monstrous flames!

What a disgusting act! Forsaken by an ungrateful generation, their ashes scattered on the ground.

Once upon a time, there was a glorious forest, now destroyed by human preponderance.

Let us break the narcissistic ropes that choke our planet and find our Paradise Lost!

Siyona Josephs


(For the beautiful forests lost in Brazil, Australia, India and other places in the world)


Je suis extrêmement passionné par la langue française et j'adore enseigner !  Ayant des compétences éprouvées en matière d'enseignement, d'orientation et de conseil, le monde de l'éducation m'inspire toujours pour faire mieux.
Je m'efforce de communiquer des informations complexes de manière simple et divertissante et je maintiens des normes élevées avec un dévouement sans compromis à la transmission d'une éducation de qualité.


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