French Immersion Program

Live in a French-speaking country and speak the French language every day.

Give your child an enriching experience through our unique educational tour to France for 10 days. Learn conversational French, stay with host families, visit beautiful monuments and immerse into its culture.

Visits & Excursions

This program is designed to give the students a great opportunity to visit world-famous monuments, museums, tourist destinations, amusement parks, river cruises and other sights to pack their days with great fun and excitement.

This also helps to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a balanced exposure to the city and its culture.

Stay with a Host Family

You’ll be staying with a host family in the suburbs of Paris.

These families are experienced in hosting students from the world over. Our local coordinator carefully selects the host families, and the families are chosen only after an interview and a home visit based on specific selection criteria.

The family drives the students to school every morning and picks them up in the evening after cultural activities. You will be given a room that will be shared with another student(s) from your group.

Home-staying will provide safe learning environments to try out new words or practise the local language. You can get the necessary phrases translated by your host parents, practice writing keywords with your host siblings, and try out communicating in the new language with toddlers or young children in the comfort of your new home. They usually won’t be afraid to correct you, will always support you in trying to expand your abilities, and you may bond through the language learning process. Sometimes host families don’t speak English fluently, providing and encouraging even more opportunities to improve language skills.

Be attentive to the house rules and culture followed by the hosts, as this will help you engage with them in a friendly way and make your stay enjoyable. Share your daily experiences with them to practice your conversational skills.

French Course

French classes take place in a local school. It is a closed group session. Native french teachers are specialised in teaching French as a foreign language. They make use of dynamic, interactive teaching methods.

Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Travelling in Paris

You will conveniently get around on the tour via a comfortable private bus coach. You shall also be issued a weekly pass for the public transport i.e. bus, train, and metro and enjoy long walks through the scenic streets during the excursions, which are part of the program.

Weather in Paris

The weather in Paris, France gets better in April, when the city enjoys warmer temperatures and a lower probability of rainfall each day. Across this month, the average temperature for the capital rises from 9°C up to 19°C in April.


Previous Trips

April 2024
30 April - 09 May
All Day

Paris Immersion Program with SM Shetty School, Powai, Mumbai – Apr 2024

19 - 28 April
All Day

Paris Immersion Program with MET Rishikul Vidyalaya, Bandra, Mumbai – April 2024

March 2024
19 - 28 March
All Day

Paris Immersion Program with Trio World Academy, Bangalore – Mar 2024

19 - 28 March
All Day

Paris Immersion Program with JBCN International School, Chembur, Mumbai – Mar 2024

February 2024
29 February - 09 March
All Day

Paris Immersion Program with JBCN International School, Parel, Mumbai – Feb 2024

November 2023
11 - 20 November

Paris Immersion Program with St. Gregorios High School, Mumbai – Nov 2023

May 2023
26 May - 04 June

Paris Immersion Program with Delhi Public School, Rau Indore – May 2023

02 - 11 May

Paris Immersion Program Private Batch – Apr 2023

November 2022
07 - 17 November

Paris Immersion Program with St. Gregorios High School, Mumbai – Nov 2022

October 2022
10 - 19 October

Paris Immersion Program with JBCN International School, Oshiwara – Oct 2022

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