Poème: Le temps de l’émancipation

English Translation

The time of emancipation


Obstinate and determined the raindrop withholds its spirit,
She cannot wait to reunite with the soil,
Her pathway often hindered by an umbrella.

The young shepherdess watched the raindrops pearl up on her boots,
A gentle breeze ruffles her curls,
The ripples in the stream hypnotise her,
Pursuing the sillage, she's lost in a daydream.

She would hum a song,
She milked the sheep,
As she beat the fresh butter gently,
She would smell a hint of petrichor wafting from the ladle.

The sky grows darker,
The growling thunder drowns all the sounds,
The shepherdess isn't able to trace the singing cricket,
She paces towards a shelter, catches her breath,
Under the lampost, she spreads her arms wide open,
She embraces the pelting rain.

The drizzle caresses her visage,
The raindrops pearl upon her forehead,
Her heart overflows with euphoria, as she twirls full of life.

An impending storm is at bay,
a thick blanket of fog and dew blinds her,
but she continues to tread like a boat in a river,
It's freezing...
Into the edge of the woods, she disappears into the wilderness.
My eyes filled with complete astonishment.

Nandini FOWKAR

A francophile, with a passion for expressing herself and the world around her in the french language.
Started learning the language since the age of 10, and continues to keep learning and exploring the beauty of the language through poetry.
Currently, a teacher for FLE and DELF In-charge for French at Cambridge, EuroSchool, Airoli Mumbai.

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  1. AvlaAugust 29, 2020

    It was awesome ❤


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