• Gautam GHOSH-DASTIDAR says:

    No applause, no attestation, no accolades can ever replace your joie de vivre – your raison d’être – your very individual craving for creation ! Let my heart go out to congratulate ourselves who could not win this time either but who at the end of the day did hit the jackpot by saying to ourselves, ‘Kudos to that great creator within – the path to a new ME !’

  • Claudia Papiccio says:

    Bonjour, Je n’ai pas pu joindre la réunion sur zoom, mais j’ai suivi la formation sur Facebook. Excellente! je trouve que les stratégies présentées par le formateur Vincent Bouen sont utiles et même essentielles pour la bonne réalisation d’une synthèse. Je voudrais vous/ lui suggérer de faire une formation/ webinaire sur “l’essai” pour les niveaux “avancés”
    Merci beaucou

  • Usha says:

    Tres bien anime. Les quiz etaient egalement interessants. Merci bien!

  • Sujatha Swamy says:

    Thank you for this very different webinar. It was interesting to see how much one can learn about different aspects of the French culture through cinema, just by observing and having a keen interest to find out more.

  • John Bosco R says:

    It was an excellent webnair.

  • Reena says:

    I appreciate your initiative Beejal
    The number of participants shows the success and popularity of your organization
    I think the opportunity to connect with resource persons and other French teachers was good
    Hope to attend more such sessions in future
    All the best

    • Bijal Menon says:

      Bonjour Reena
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Thank you for your support. We all grow and evolve by sharing and learning. Looking forward to your participation in the next webinar too.

  • Nikita says:

    The e certificate must have been provided

    • Bijal Menon says:

      Bonjour Nikita
      There is no certificate for the webinar we organised. Looking forward to your participation in the next webinar too.

  • Dr.Sagareeka Roy Bhatia says:

    Very well executed. Looking forward to the ppt

  • Adita says:

    I need a certificate

    • Bijal Menon says:

      Bonjour Adita
      Thank you for attending the webinar. There is no certification for this webinar.

  • Ujjwal Santra says:

    Can I get the e-certificate of French language curriculum in Indian school system’s seminar????

    • Bijal Menon says:

      Bonjour Ujjwal
      There is no certification for this webinar.

    • WILLIAM says:

      Today, 14.06.2020, was the French Webinar, but sorry to say that I waited 5 minutes early to join the meeting. Right at 4PM I get a message that maximum participatns reached.

    • Bijal Menon says:

      Bonjour William
      Thanks for feedback, After your registration, you received an email from us which states
      -We have a max limit of 100 people on Zoom.
      -If you cannot log in, you can still watch the webinar live on Facebook

      The participant entry is done by Zoom based on first come first serve basis. Sorry, but we do not have any control over that.
      You can still watch the webinar on
      You can access the presentations of both the resource person here

      Hope to have your continued participation in our programs.

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